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How to start using the system

To use the NIG supercomputer, you need to register your application before you start using it.

Check AUP, etc.

Before you start using the service, check 'Issuance criteria for user accounts' and 'Use Policy'.

Application for use

Access the 'Application for use/change' page and apply for use according to the procedures.

Sending the responsible person's pledge by e-mail

From the viewpoint of security traceability, specify the responsible person when applying for use. For more information, see here.

Sign and return the pledge PDF following the steps in 'How to sign the pledge'

Arrival of account registration certificate

After you have returned the signed pledge, it normally takes about a week to issue your account registration certificate.

After issued, it will be sent by post to the address of your organisation.

Login to the NIG supercompter

When the account registration certificate arrived, you will be able to log in to the NIG supercomputer.

The NIG supercomputer can be used with any common computer running an SSH client and a web browser. We recommend a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer with 16GB or more main memory.

For login instructions, see below.

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