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2017 年 12 月 12 日

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Use Application MiGAP
  1. The same user cannot apply for two or more account.
  2. Use purpose(Required)
    Fill the use purpose.
  3. Your Name(Required)
    Fill your last name.
    Fill your first name.
    Fill your name.
  4. Affiliation(Required)
    Fill your Affiliation.
    Fill your affiliation.
  5. Field(Required)
    利用者の研究分野を記入してください。 Fill your research field.
  6. Occupation(Required)
    Fill your occupation.
    Fill your occupation.
  7. Email(Required)
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  9. Postal code(Required)
    Fill the postal code.
    Fill the postal code of the organization which belongs.
  10. Address(Required)
    Fill the address.
    Fille the address of the organization which belongs.
  11. Phone number(Required)
    Fill the phone number.
    Fill the phone number (No mobile).
  12. Extension phone
    Numbers and hyphens(-) can be used, but can not be used for only a hyphen.
    Fill the extension phone number (If there is a telephone extension).
  13. Nationality(Required)
    Fill your nationality.
    Fill your nationality.
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    Enter confirmation
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