How to use the full-text search system (➡ Japanese search page)

Apache Lucene's Query Parser Syntax can be used for searching. Please refer to the following site for details.


AND, OR, NOT must be specified in upper case. If nothing is specified, the word AND operation is performed.

Example: archaea OR HCP tools
Example: (singularity OR apptainer) NOT docker
Field specification

By specifying a field name, a search can be performed for a specific field. In this system, three fields are available: title, text, and url. If nothing is specified, searches are performed on the title and text fields.

Example: login NOT url:blog NOT url:faq

This example searches for the string "login" in articles other than News, Maintainance Information, and FAQs.

Search by Phrases

You can search for a phrase by enclosing it in double quotes.

Example: "Jupyter Lab" OR "R Studio"