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13th May 2021: Configuration changes to the general analysis section short queue

· One min read

Dear Users of the NIG Supercomputer System

Thursday, 13th May 2021, 11 a.m., we will change the setting of some services of the general analysis plot UGE.

The purpose of this change is to increase the turnover rate of short.q jobs because it is becoming difficult to running user jobs due to the congestion of the NIG supercomputer.

We did the same configuration work the other day, but since the previous configuration did not behave as intended, we will redo the configuration work. For jobs submitted before the date and time of the change, the values before the setting change will be applied.

The details of the setting change are as follows.

  • Change the configuration of the NIG supercomputer short.q
    • Target queue: short.q
    • Maximum execution time limit: Previously 3 days will be changed to 1 hour.

12th May 2021

Supercomputer System Management Team, DDBJ Center, National Institute of Genetics