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[Maintenance] December 2 - December 8, 2022: Scheduled Maintenance.

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Publication date: November 9, 2022

The scheduled maintenance of the NIG supercomputer is scheduled on the following date and time in accordance with the legal power outage of the NIG. The supercomputer will not be available during the scheduled maintenance.


December 2, 17:00 - December 8, 2022, 00:00(24h)

Work schedule

  • 12/2(Fri.) 17:00~  Supercomputer outage
  • 12/3(Sat.)      Legal power outage
  • 12/4(Sun.)~12/7(Wed.) Supercomputer scheduled maintenance work (UPS maintenance, Lustre maintenance, software updates, etc.)
  • 12/8(Thu.) is a spare day.

Main contents of Scheduled Maintenance

  1. Run yum update on all compute nodes to get the latest version of Cent OS 7.9.

  2. Singularity has been renamed Apptainer. Along with this, the following updates will be made.

  • Current Singularity 3.8.7 ⇒ Apptainer 1.1
  • SingularityCE 3.10.2 added
  • For more information, refer to the Apptainer description page.
  1. unification of SSH public key reflection flow

Until now, when the SSH public key was registered, it took about 24 hours to be reflected in the gateway in the general analysis section, and about 10 minutes in After the scheduled maintenance in December, the processing flow will be unified and both gw and gw2 will be reflected in about 10 minutes.


  • Running jobs will be deleted, so please resubmit jobs after the scheduled maintenance.