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(Ended) (Follow-up)[Outage] June 5, 2024: Emergency maintenance of Lustre7

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Publication date: June 6, 2024

The restoration work was completed at around 12:00 (24 hours notation) on Thursday, 6 June 2024.

  • At 1:34:21 am on Wed 5 Jun, a fault occurred on the Lustre7 high-speed storage system in the General Analysis division, resulting in a partial write failure. Specifically, one of the 88 RAID groups Lustre OST (OST0031) was not writable.
  • The recovery work started at around 15:30 and finished at around 20:00.
  • However, at 20:00, it was confirmed that some compute nodes were not able to access OST0031 (neither read nor write). Specifically, the following computation nodes.
    • at017,at025,at054,at049,at051,at052,at047,at045,at050,at053,at085,at099,at102,at101,at132, (15 of 136 Thin compute nodes Type 1a, AMD EPYC 7501 CPU)
    • at140,at141,at149,at155, (4 of 28 Thin compute nodes Type 1b, AMD ROMA CPU)
    • it001,it040,igt003,it050,it049, (5 of 52 Thin compute nodes Type 2a, Intel CPU)
    • gw1,gw4, (2 gateways for the general analysis division)
    • m01 (one of 10 medium nodes)
    • dtn2,dtn4 (data transfer nodes used for DDBJ services)

Scope of impact

  • From around 1:30 to 20:00 on 5 June, any writing to OST0031 from all compute nodes is not possible, nor is any reading between 15:30 and 20:00. The compute nodes listed above were also not read/write accessible as of 6 June. Please check your calculation results for any anomalies. (Jobs that do not use OST0031 are not affected, but whether or not using OST0031 is randomly determined.)
  • As you cannot log in to the SSL-VPN, you may not be able to log in to the personal genome analysis division either.
  • Communication breakdowns will occur for DDBJ services that use data transfer nodes dtn2 and dtn4.