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· 2 min read

initial screen

The first screen after login

  • Use Application has been made more simple.
  • SSH public key registration is now available on the application for new use form.
    • In the previous two-step procedure, users received an account registration certificate about one week after applying for new use, and then had to register their SSH public key after logging in by themselves.
    • From now on, however, SSH public key registration can be done when you fill out the application for new use form.
  • Renewal at the end of the year has beem made more simple.
    • It is no longer necessary to manually enter all the items one by one, and the article information can be obtained and automatically entered by simply entering the PubMedID.


  • Please login from immediately after setting up your public key etc.
    • We are currently in the process of migrating to a application system for new use . Therefore, public key registrations to the new gateway will be reflected immediately, but it will take about one day for the settings to be reflected in the old gateway The system will be modified at the next scheduled maintenance in December so that the old gateway will also reflect the setting immediately.
  • The server has been closed.

· 2 min read

Thank you very much for using the NIG supercomputer.

Due to the computing resources of CPU and Disk are current very tight, we suspend new usage application for the following users.

  • Application for new use using large-scale for the general analysis section
  • Application for new use of personal genome analysis section users

The following applications will be accepted as before.

  • For current already large-scale users for the general analysis section and the personal genome analysis section users, we will continue to accept additions of resources to chang the usage plan table as before.
  • Regular application for use of the general analysis section will also be accepted as before. In this case, the disk memory will be limited to the default setting of 1TB.
  • For using of the service for workshops, etc.

Thank you for your understanding that we may not be able to meet your request in such cases.

The timing for resuming application for new use will be decided by checking the availability of computer resources. The availability forecast for each 4 month period will be posted on the website as needed. When you plan to use it, refer to the outlook for availability and submit your usage plan table in advance. However, note that availability is not guaranteed and we may not be able to meet your request.

· One min read

For the NGS analysis pipeline, the tool called Portablepipeline has been developed by Professor Kazutoshi Yoshitake of the Laboratory of Aquatic Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Aquatic Bioscience, Graduate school of Agricultural and Life Sciences, The Univresity of Tokyo.

「PortablePipeline is software that allows Windows and Mac users to perform NGS analysis in a GUI on a local or remote server or supercomputer.」(Referenced from the Laboratory of Aquatic Molecular Biology and Biotechnology)

· One min read

To upload files from NIG supercomputer or download files there, you can use 'scp' or 'sftp', which are widely used file transfer software. But 'scp' etc. have properties that their transfer speed slow down when many files are transfered for long distances.

For high-speed file tranefer for long distances, you can use file transfer software, Aspera for a general analysis section and HCP tools for a personal genome analysis section in NIG supercomputer.

· One min read

The basic fee for DDBJ Group Cloud has been reduced from 15 million yen to 3.5 million yen.

The DDBJ Group Cloud is a service for sharing data that requires access restrictions, including personal genome data, within a research group.

Depending on the scale such as the number of users, you can use DDBJ Group Cloud as a calculation platform for the NBDC group shared database, or the DDBJ group cloud alone.

· One min read

Publication date : March 16, 2022


For congestion control and hardware redundancy A new gateway node will be installed and opened to the public in the personal genome analysis section.

Work Schedule

Thursday, March 17, 2022, around 13:00

  • Publication work has been completed and is now available.

Scope of Impact

  • There will be no system shutdowns or other impacts associated with this work.
  • The existing personal genome analysis compartment gateway will be available as before.
  • The new gateway will be used in the same way as the existing
  • The server name displayed at the prompt when logging in will be changed.
    • The existing gateway will be changed from gwa to gwA1.
    • For the added new gateway: gwA2 will be displayed.