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· One min read

Since the number of users of GPU nodes is increasing due to the free Parabricks, we have created only for GPU nodes in the Personal Genome Analysis division so that more researchers can use the GPU node.

This new Slurm partition only charges for the time when the computation is actually running.

This reduces the time occupied by the GPU node and allows more people to use the GPU.

Along with this, the fee structure for GPU nodes has been changed from the second phase of the project.

For more information on the usage plan table and price list, refer to the following links.

Please refer to the following link for details on how to use this service.

· One min read

A reanalysis dataset of public data from the Human Whole Genome Analysis has been published by Professor Yosuke Kawai, NCGM.

" We will share Reanalysed human whole genome analysis data that have been published in public databases as open access data on the NIG supercomputer." ("Advanced Guides" > "2023" Reanalysis dataset of public data of human whole genome analysis)

· One min read

In this fiscal year (FY2022), due to the renewal of the application system in July 2022, there have been some system issues with end-of-year account renewal applications. We apologize for the inconvenience. For information on how to deal with this, refer to FAQ.

In order to avoid confusion caused by the end-of-year renewal system issues, we decided to extend the end-of-year renewal deadline as follows.

Period for enewal application

1 Jun 2023 - 31 Mar 2023 (Friday) extended to 7 May 2023 (Sunday)

· One min read

The NBDC-DDBJ Imputation Server system has been developed by Genome Analytics Japan Inc.

"The NBDC-DDBJ imputation server system has been developed as a Japanese version of the NBDC-DDBJ imputation server, which is easy for Japanese researchers to use. The system is currently available in the Personal Genome Analysis division of the NIG supercomputer system." (from the NBDC-DDBJ Imputation Server (beta) page)

· One min read

The Github Discussions website has been set up as a place to discuss questions and answers to the NIG supercomputer.


  • To ask and answer questions, create your github account.
  • If you know of a solution to a question, not only for the supercomputer team, it would be helpful if you could write an answer.
  • We may also ask for your help with questions sent to sc-helpdesk when we think it will help other users.
  • We would be grateful for your cooperation, as it will help users who face similar problems in the future.

We are also looking for users to add articles to the supercomputer website.

When you send a pull request to the github repository, we will respond.


· 2 min read

initial screen

The first screen after login

  • Use Application has been made more simple.
  • SSH public key registration is now available on the application for new use form.
    • In the previous two-step procedure, users received an account registration certificate about one week after applying for new use, and then had to register their SSH public key after logging in by themselves.
    • From now on, however, SSH public key registration can be done when you fill out the application for new use form.
  • Renewal at the end of the year has beem made more simple.
    • It is no longer necessary to manually enter all the items one by one, and the article information can be obtained and automatically entered by simply entering the PubMedID.


  • Please login from immediately after setting up your public key etc.
    • We are currently in the process of migrating to a application system for new use . Therefore, public key registrations to the new gateway will be reflected immediately, but it will take about one day for the settings to be reflected in the old gateway The system will be modified at the next scheduled maintenance in December so that the old gateway will also reflect the setting immediately.
  • The server has been closed.
当ウェブサイトでは、お客様により良いサービスを提供するため、クッキーを利用しています。 クッキーの利用に同意いただける場合は「同意する」をクリックしてください。