NIG Supercomputer System

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We have started to move the user home directory area (Phase 1, 2 area of the Luster file system) to the next system. 
Please cooperate in reducing the disk usage for the home area of Phase1 and Phase2.
We are scheduling NIG supercomputer replacement on March 2018.

Stopping all service :

2019/1/11 (Friday) 17: 00 ~ 1/16 (Wednesday)  24:00

2019/2/18 (Monday) 17: 00 ~ 3/5 (Tuesday)  10:00


encaution.pngWe are not backing up data at this institute.
        Please take backup your data in accordance with the user's responsibility as described in the disclaimer.



Regulations of Super Computer System Use Policy

Regulations of Super Computer System Use Policy-attached-table1~3