NIG Supercomputer System



We will carry out regular maintenance of the supercomputer system.
During the maintenance period, the entire supercomputer system will be shut down.

・Date: July 1st, 2019 Mon 9:00 am-July 4th Thu 24:00
・Contents of work: Maintenance work of supercomputer system
・Impact: All supercomputer system services stopped

・During the maintenance period, login to the supercomputer system and work on the supercomputer system can not be performed.
・Running jobs are deleted.
・Depending on the submitted job, it may become an error or inappropriate at the second execution due to the existence of the file output at the first execution. If you are concerned that a problem may occur, please delete the intermediate file and result file and re-submit the job.


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encaution.pngWe are not backing up data at this institute. 
        Please take backup your data in accordance with the user's responsibility as described in the disclaimer.






Regulations of Super Computer System Use Policy

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