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How to use billing services


The NIG supercomputer is operated as a business of the Inter-University Research Institute Corporation, and in principle, users can use the NIG supercomputer for free. But from the viewpoint of business continuity and promotion of efficient use of computational resources, we provide billing services for storage of the following large-scale data and the use of additional services in particular.

  • Large-scale use of storage
  • Priority/occupied use of compute nodes
  • Use of the personal genome section

When using the billing service, fill in Download the usage plan and send it to Contact us.

Note: Depending on the congestion status of the NIG supercomputer, you may not be able to use this service. (In principle, more than half of all resources that can be rented in the NIG supercomputer are allocated for the free service.)

Price list

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Billing service list

The compute nodes and storage of the NIG supercomputer are roughly divided into two sections, the general analysis section and the personal genome analysis section. The services available in each section are as shown in the table below. For details of each service, refer to the links in the table below.

  • The Fat compute nodes are only available in the form of nodes rental by the billing service.
Service NameThe general analysis sectionThe personal genome section

priority use of compute nodes (advance reservation)

It is a function to reserve a certain number of computers for a certain period of time so that jobs other than your own will not be entered UGE.

(Thin, Medium nodes)
the occupancy compute nodes
(Nodes lending)

It is a service that removes the compute nodes from UGE management and occupies it.

(Thin, Medium, Fat nodes)

(Thin, Medium nodes)

Introduction(The Personal Genome Section)

high-speed storage
(only Quota settings)

It is a service that specifies the available capacity for high-speed storage. The quota is specified as 1TB immediately after account application, but it can be expanded.

(For each responsible person, the total amount of high-speed storage 30TB or less is free.)

archive storage

It is a service that a certain amount of memory space is allocated on archive storage.

DDBJ Group Cloud

It is a service that uploads data with a data structure conform to JGA to the cloud and shares it among researchers who are permitted to access the data.