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Grid Engine Overview

Grid Engine is a type of program called a job scheduler or resource scheduler. It automatically allocates computer resources (CPU cores and memory) to each user in environments using many users. It functions as the Operating System when the entire cluster computer is considered as one computer.

  • In the general analysis division, the Grid Engine is used.
  • In the personal genome analysis division, Grid Engine or Slurm is available.

In bioinformatics, traditionally, Sun Grid Engine (SGE) has been widely used. SGE was replaced by Univa's Grid Engine, which is now supported by Altair and has become Altair Grid Engine (AGE). (For this reason, the current AGE official manual has a mixture of SGE, UGE, AGE and the generic term "Grid Engine".)


For Grid Engine commands(qsub, qlogin, qstat, qalter, qdel, qacct), refer to the man page.

Job Types

The following four types of jobs are mainly used by Grid Engine.

You can find other job descriptions, etc. in the official manual.

Other Commands

Mainly used commands

  • qstat
    • Show job states
  • qdel
    • Delete job
  • qalter
    • Change job settings

For more information, see the Other Commands page and the official manual.

If the job does not start running

  1. Check if the job settings are correct.
    • We provide a program to check if the settings are appropriate. Refer to the How to use qsub_beta page.
  2. Check the congestion status of the supercomputer.