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BioContainers Apptainer (Singularity) Images


Biocontainers Singularity Images

Singularity container images created by the BioContainers project (over 2,000 different analysis software and over 90,000 Singularity image files, including different versions) are available in /user/local/biotools directory.

For the contents and how to use the software, refer to Registry of the BioContainers' official website.

Use the Singularity image installed on the supercomputer

The usage example is as follows:

# It's good to set alias to prevent the command from becoming too long.
$ alias singR="singularity exec /usr/local/biotools/r/r-base:3.5.1 R"

$ singR --no-save < example.R
> attach(mtcars)
> plot(wt, mpg)
> abline(lm(mpg~wt))
> title("Regression of MPG on Weight")

(Citation) The above code example is based on the following website.

R Tutorial For Beginners

The execution result(Rplots.pdf)