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Apptainer (Singularity)

(Singularity has been renamed Apptainer.)


Apptainer (Sigularity) containers are available on the NIG supercomputer to install various analysis software with user permission.

By using Apptainer (Sigularity), for example, it is possible to run analysis software installed by Ubuntu Linux apt-get etc. on the NIG supercomputer (CentOS 7.9).


Creating images with Singularity - The basic procedures

The Apptainer (Sigularity) container is generally used in the following procedure.

  • (i) Create an analysis environment in sandbox mode on a local server with root privileges.
  • (ii) singularity build it and create archive Singularity container image file (*.sif)
  • (iii) Copy this file to a shared computer such as a supercomputer. 1
  • (iv) Execute the program in the container with user permission on the supercomputer.

The container image file (*.sif) is originally write-protected to avoid security issues when the container is brought onto the shared computer.

Here's the example of using the Apptainer (Sigularity) Definition File.

First, create a Apptainer (Sigularity) container image file in the user's own Linux environment. (For information on installing Apptainer (Sigularity) itself, read the official page Quick Start — Apptainer (Sigularity) container 3.5 documentation .

# For example, clone the Apptainer (Sigularity) Definition File from the following site to the user's linux server.
git clone

# Build this Definition file to create a Apptainer (Sigularity) container image file.
# (For more information about building, See above of the github repository)
cd singularity-ubuntu18
sudo apt-get debootstrap
sudo singularity build ubuntu18.sif Singularity

Copy the Apptainer (Sigularity) container image file created as described above onto the NIG supercomputer.

(Or, the above build process takes more than an hour, so build it in the background by registering it on the singularity-hub in advance, and download the Apptainer (Sigularity) container image file from the singularity-hub to the NIG supercomputer. )

Execute the following on the NIG supercomputer.

# Get the Apptainer (Sigularity) container image from singularity-hub
singularity pull shub://oogasawa/singularity-ubuntu18
# Set alias to prevent long commands
alias sing="singularity exec $HOME/ubuntu18.sif
# Use it

Building images on the supercomputer : Generating Apptainer (Sigularity) images from Docker container images

You can use a Docker container instead of Apptainer (Sigularity)'s sandbox mode. Using this method, you can build (create) a Apptainer (Sigularity) image on the supercomputer. (The Docker container image file must be registered in the Docker Hub in advance.)

The example of using Apptainer (Sigularity) with the Docker container image is as follows:

# Specify the amount of memory in advance when qlogin because the error saying there is not enough memory occurs when building singularity.
$ qlogin -l s_vmem=20G -l mem_req=20G
Your job 5083922 ("QLOGIN") has been submitted
waiting for interactive job to be scheduled ...
Your interactive job 5083922 has been successfully scheduled.
Establishing /home/geadmin/UGER/utilbin/lx-amd64/qlogin_wrapper
session to host at029 ...
Warning: Permanently added '[at029]:45682,[]:45682' (ECDSA)
to the list of known hosts.
Last login: Sun Jan 26 20:55:09 2020 from gw1

# Apptainer (Sigularity) build the Docker container on Docker Hub with user permission.
$ singularity build lolcow.sif docker://godlovedc/lolcow
INFO: Starting build...
Getting image source signatures
Skipping fetch of repeat blob
Skipping fetch of repeat blob
Skipping fetch of repeat blob
Skipping fetch of repeat blob
Skipping fetch of repeat blob
Skipping fetch of repeat blob
Copying config sha256:73d5b1025fbfa138f2cacf45bbf3f61f7de891559fa25b28ab365c7d9c3cbd82
3.33 KiB / 3.33 KiB [======================================================] 0s
Writing manifest to image destination
Storing signatures
INFO: Creating SIF file...
INFO: Build complete: lolcow.sif

# Execute the Apptainer (Sigularity) container
$ singularity run lolcow.sif
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\ little to be let out alone. /
\ ^__^
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